Alexandra’s Kitchen: Canal House Chocolate Chip Cookies

I usually don’t bake, but when I do, I use a ton of butter.

I’m the kind of person that likes thin crispy slightly chewy chocolate chip cookies over the thick soft variety. I was PINspired to bake cookies one day and found a recipe that looked amazing aka I could eat 1000 of these suckers. Because I am not as familiar with baking things, I think my first attempt was OK but definitely could have been better. I didn’t eat them fast enough because I was hoarding them (mistake) so they crumbled when I was transporting them. Chocolate cookie crumbs? Yum… but still.

Recipe here


  • Kerrygold butter has become my butter of choice even when the recipe calls for salt free butter (not this one).
    • Costco sells this butter in bulk, so that is helpful
  • Be aware that the cookies will SPREAD.
    • Make sure you keep the dough balls around the same size. The recipe weighed them which is definitely something I should have done.
    • Also, make sure they have enough room on the sheet to spread!

I usually don’t eat cookie dough, but this dough is pretty much butter and sugar sooooooo I made an exception.

MM butter and sugar
MM butter and sugar

ChocoChipCookies 3


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