About Us

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I have made valiant attempts on other blogging sites and Yelp, but I never seemed to be able to keep up with posts that swirled in my head. It is time to put thought to virtual paper as I share recipes for food that I’ve made and places that I’ve eaten that I think are worthwhile. My love of food is further nurtured by my family and friends who are also…Afoodciondos.

Have you ever craved something or just felt like tackling that recipe you found? The googled pictures or the pictures in the book make the dish look foolproof. We all know that that isn’t the case. You get to go on the adventure with me, where we’ll test whether the photos and recipes actually live up to the hype. I’m not a chef or mind-alteringly amazing cook (depends on who you ask), but we know how to follow directions so…let’s see what happens. Also, every recipe will be credited.

Places to Eat

Restaurants, food items, what have you that I think are worth trying! Like Yelp, but without the nagging thought in the back of your mind that Yelp might take it down.

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