Mom’s Banh Khot

My mom is an amazing cook (who isn’t ready to share her recipes yet). One of my favorite dishes is a Vietnamese dish called banh khot. If you have ever had one of the big yellow Vietnamese crepes, this is like it’s bit sized brethren. Instead of me spending money on a handful of these little guys my mom found a way to make them at home so I could binge for the fraction of the price.

She started with a cast iron skillet with the little cups in it, then she found a better way. She bought a doughnut hole maker, and used THAT to cook the banh khot without the danger of searing her fingers on the cast iron handle and burning the banh khot because the skillet got too hot or didn’t sit on the burner correctly. BRILLIAAAANNNTTT!!! 

She will never know how proud I am of her, no matter how much and how hard I try to express it to her. I get my interest and passion for cooking from her, and while she may hate it. I’m thankful for it.

SO THE RECIPE?! I don’t have HERS (maybe I will soon), but here are a couple that I found seemed same same…

Van’s Kitchen Banh Khot Recipe

Vietnamese Food Banh Khot Recipe

The other recipes I saw had some limp and soggy looking banh khot, these two recipes looked pretty legit. Here are some tips and notes about mi madre’s recipe:

  • She uses the packaged banh khot mix that you can find at the asian market. If you don’t have an Asian market near you, one of the recipes above has a broken down batter recipe
  • I’m not a fan of mung bean, but my mom buys the pre-hulled ones, boils them, and makes them into more of a paste rather than individual beans
  • She marinates the shrimp, cuts them up into smaller pieces, and stir fries them (another layer of flavor yo!)
Yes, that's a doughnut hole maker...
Yes, that’s a doughnut hole maker…
Finished Product
Finished Product

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  1. That food looks really yummy.

    1. tamithus says:

      Thank you! My mom would be flattered!

  2. Reblogged this on sparklelover123 and commented:
    Really yummy food

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