Just A Pinch: Crusty Dutch Oven Bread

Bread made in a dutch oven? Whaaat?

I was intrigued with making bread this way because all the pictures online made it look so good. The little crusty bread loaf was sitting all snug inside the dutch oven. I wanted somma that! I wasn’t too interested in making a big loaf of bread since I feel the loaves have a higher bread innards to crust ratio. My curiosity with making bread in a dutch oven prevailed over my weird bread preference.

The bread was super easy and crusty as promised and soft on the inside. It made for amazing toast, and I’m sure it would be perfect for a light sandwich or panini. I have a video that I took of the bread right after it was taken out of the oven and you can hear the crust crackling…it was amazing. I’ll try to edit it and post it up here one day (I’ll try!!), until then here are some glutenous bread photos.

OF COURSE!! The recipe!! Just A Pinch The Best Crust Bread (Dutch Oven) recipe

Cross section
Cross section
MMMMM bread and butter...so simple.
MMMMM bread and butter…so simple.

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