Food & Wine: Mini Spinach and Herb Pies

Soo this was not a successful recipe for me. I didn’t have as many herbs as I thought I did, and was too lazy to go out to the store to get them soooo I improvised…it didn’t work. Nevertheless, they look good right? I’m sure if you follow the recipe exactly it will turn out how they should have. Oops.

Here is the recipe! Food & Wine Mini Spinach and Herb Pies

Learn from my mistakes! Here is where I went wrong:

  • My dough wasn’t very light or soft as it sounds like it should have been. My dough was pretty dense which made it sturdy enough to hold all the stuff in there, but…not enjoyable to bite through. It was like a thin bagel skin.
  • I used regular spinach instead of curly spinach.
  • I only used one kind of feta because lezzbereal…I wasn’t going to go chase down two kinds of feta.
  • I put way too much parsley so my parsley to spinach ratio was off.
  • I didn’t have enough herbs so that wasn’t great either.
SpinachPies 2
The filling! Tasty on its own!

SpinachPies 1

SpinachPies 3

So it was all kinds of wrong, but when I mixed the filling it tasted delicious as it was! If you add a little more olive oil, it would make a tasty salad. The little pies looked great too…just follow the recipe. Don’t be like me with a bunch of pies filled with disappointment.

Doesn't look too bad right...
Doesn’t look too bad right…

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