Maangchi: Eggplant Side Dish (Gaji Namul)

I LOVEEEEE MAANGCHI! If you haven’t watched her YouTube videos…it is a must. She is SO enthusiastic and her recipes are on point! In the beginning I thought she was little over the top goofy, but after binging on her videos she is super endearing and makes yummy food.

I have made her Kimchi pancake before and it was delicious. My cousin and I stumbled on this eggplant dish recipe and HAD to make it. Follow her recipe/video and you’re set. Also, lezzbereal the eggplant was not THAT purple once it was cooked. That’s the magic of VSCO Cam. In any event…YUM!  Click here for the recipe/video! 

Maangchi Eggplant Sidedish

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  1. Becca Lin says:

    My mom loves eggplant dishes! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. tamithus says:

      Thank you for liking!! 😀

      1. Becca Lin says:

        No problem, you have a great post 😄

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