The Stinking Rose – Beverly Hills

The Stinking Rose - Logo

How much did it cost? about $30 a person (Yea, it isn’t cheap)
Would I go back? If I had the funds, and could stand the consequences of eating so much garlic. 

Parking? Valet for $4.50 but if you go on Sunday you can brave street parking since the meters will be of no charge. 

Mm we’re going to Beverly Hills dah-ling! 

It wasn’t like that at all since this Stinking Rose location is actually on the outskirts of the infamously bougie Beverly Hills. 

My boyfriend and I decided to take my cousin here for her birthday since it’s one of the restaurants she’s always wanted to try. We knew that the fare was garlic heavy and that garlic induced some extraordinary flatulence in all of us, but HEY! You can’t deny a birthday girl’s long held wish. 

We went on a Sunday, so it wasn’t super busy; nevertheless, I made reservations online. Once inside, I told the hostess my name and we were instantly seated. We sat under one of the little “tents” that they have which was super cute. It’s definitely a date place…maybe not the first date unless you and your date are into garlic breath.

Our waiter was super nice and suggested a few things. We ended up getting the following (Sorry some of the pictures are ultra blurry. I was using my camera phone and being excited to eat didn’t help.):

Clockwise from Top Left: Bagna Calda, Large cut prime rib, complimentary birthday garlic ice cream, and garlic braised boneless short rib
Clockwise from Top Left: Bagna Calda, Large cut prime rib, complimentary birthday garlic ice cream, and garlic braised boneless short rib

The three of us shared this and the unlimited foccacia rolls and garlic parsley spread they had at the table. Needless to say, we binged on garlic this night.

  • The Bagna Calda – It is a rite of passage. Every time this place is featured on some show on the Food Network, the patrons always talk about the bagna calda. It’s roasted garlic cloves just soaking in hot olive oil. It made a great spread for the foccacia bread. There were enough cloves for maybe 5 hungry eaters.
  • The Large cut prime rib – We felt the regular size wouldn’t be enough for us, so we got the next size up. There is an even larger one called the slab. The meat was cooked very well, and it was quite thick. The au jus it came with was oddly extraordinary. Usually au jus is…whatever, but this one was yum. The dish came with creamed spinach, uber smooth mashed potatoes, and some horseradish stuff in a cup. Horseradish…not my thing.
  • The garlic braised short rib – The waiter said we wouldn’t need a knife, and we didn’t. Prettay good.
  • The garlic ice cream – the chocolate sauce really compliments the garlic ice cream. By the end of the meal we’ve had so much garlic that the garlic flavor in the ice cream seemed so faint that it just tasted like vanilla ice cream. Talk about taste bud fatigue.

All in all, I’m happy we went here and experienced what we saw in the shows and heard from others. Until next time Stinking rose….I can’t handle the flatulent aftermath or steep tab. Thanks for making such an awesome garlic hat for birthday people though. AWESOME.

Happy Birthday Girl!
Happy Birthday Girl!

Jeeze look at how happy she is hahaha

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